Legal Wellness: Planning & Prevention

Preventative health care is regular part of our lives.  Preventative legal checkups should be as well.  They serve the same function-- keeping you and your family protected.  This section is intended to take you beyond the explanation of what the law means, found in ABOUT THE LAW. It focuses on how to anticipate your legal needs at various stages of your life.  Awareness and preparation can help you avoid legal problems.  They can also help you recognize when you have a legal problem and when you may need the help of a lawyer.


Automobiles & Boats

Vehicles are important in our lives.  They bring with them a number of potential legal issues: licensing, taxes, insurance, liability for injury, repairs, warranties, purchase contracts, loans to name a few.  Fortunately, these issues are addressed by a number of Resources shown below.   

Child Care

Baby Sitting


Community/Separate Property

Consumer Issues

Death & Dying

funeral arrangements

Dissolution of Marriage



Estate Planning

Financial Issues

Health Care

Health Clubs

Home Ownership

Identity Theft

Landlord Tenant

Liabillity Issues




Torts: Accidents/Negligence





Age of Majority

The age of majority in Washington is 18.  Suddenly new rights, responsibilities, opportunities and risks confront the new adult.  How do you deal with all these things that were not on your radar before?  Reading some of the material here will be a good start.  Conversations with parent, other adults and friends will also help with figuring out what the questions are and where to look for the answers.

The young lawyers in the 2009 class of the Leadership Institute of the Washington State Bar prepared an excellent tool to help you. It is called "Your Guide to Turnign 18".  It is attached at the end of this article.  The guide has not been updated since it was created, so keep that it mind.  It is also not a substitute for getting legal advice from a lawyer. 

At Risk Youth

Contractual Liability

Criminal Acts


ID Cards


Rights of Minors

Torts: Negligence/Accidents