Family Law



Birth/Death Certificates

Community Property






Child Support

basics of child support. link to dissolution statute. link to child support statute. discuss and link to WA Division of Child Support re administrative child support.

Modification Of Orders

Parenting Plans

What is a Parenting Plan?

A Parenting Plan is an order entered by a court in one of these legal matters:

  • Divorce (Petition for Dissolution of Marriage)
  • Separation (Petition for Legal Separation)
  • Parentage (Petition to Establish Parentage)
  • Request for a parenting plan after parentage has been settled without a parenting plan (Motion or Petition for a Parenting Plan)
  • Change of child custody (Petition to Modify Custody)
  • Request for child custody by a non-parent (Petition for Non-Parental Custody)

What does the Parenting Plan tell me?

  • Which parent the child will live with;
  • The amount of time the child will spend with each parent;
  • Which parent will make major decisions about the child; and
  • How you and the other parent will work out major disagreements.

Property Division

considerations in the division of property

Restraining Orders

types of restraining orders, what they do, how long they last, who they apply to, how to obtain


links to statutes and forms and sources of assistance

Spousal Maintenance

Temporary Orders

Domestic Partnerships

explore the legal issues for committed same sex couples

Domestic Violence

Grandparents' Rights

Legal Separation

distinguish from dissolution link to statute and self help


cover basics of statutory eligibility. obtaining license. link to statute. link to county goverment list for licenses.

Name Change


Premarital Agreements

Termination of Parents Rights

Underage Parents