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Graphic Novels Make Legal Issues Interesting for Students

Working with national experts including judges and teachers, NCSC developed a series of graphic novels that are fun and educational and come with comprehensive lesson plans that meet national Social Studies standards.  Three comic book-like graphic novels in the Justice Case Files series were designed for elementary, middle and high school students and address topics including internet piracy of music, identity theft, and jury service.   Justice Case Files No. 4:  The Case of the Broken Controller is a narrative, educational coloring book for elementary students.  The materials are available to download at no charge, online through the National Center for State Courts. 

Print copies may also be ordered.   The National Center for State Courts makes no profit on the graphic novels;  NCSC wants judges and teachers to use the graphic novels to enhance understanding of our court system.  The graphic novels may be downloaded at no cost and printed.  NCSC can also assist you with  a link so the graphic novels may appear on iPads at no cost.  Free lesson plans detail effective ways to use the graphic novels for a short session or week-long project.

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Posted: June 28, 2013 - 3:15pm

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