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Washington State Legislature Page School Success Story

During the 2015 Washington State Legislature, Regular Session, students from all over Washington State came to Olympia to attend Page School. Legislators sponsor the pages, who assist with the Legislature’s work by making deliveries and performing other tasks. Each day the pages spend part of the day in Page School learning about the legislature’s role and its process. They also learn about the role of the executive and judicial branches.

This year, justices from the Supreme Court invited the pages to attend weekly Page School sessions at the Temple of Justice. Justice Mary Fairhurst spoke to the pages on April 14, 2015. Justice Fairhurst discussed the role of the judiciary, the process a case follows to get to the Supreme Court, and what types of cases and issues come before the court. After their discussion and questions in the Temple of Justice courtroom, the pages went onto the bench and into the justices conference room, robe room, and Justice Fairhurst’s chambers.

Posted: June 12, 2015 - 12:53pm

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