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About the Law

The law is for everyone.  This section is designed to help you understand the law and how it works.  While the law is a complex fabric of many rules, it is woven with basic premises we use in our everyday lives.

The topics listed at the right are basic subject areas of the law.  Each area of law begins with an overview.  Topics within each area of law will be found in the menu on the right and are intended to help you understand the basics.  When you select a topic, you access the basic information.  RELATED TOPICS are links to materials within this site that you may wish to consult. RESOURCES are links to materials found on other web sites.

The rules of law related to your subject may also be linked for you within the summary text.  If you are looking specifically for a statute, constitutional provision, cse law or other rule of law, proceed to FIND LAW AND GOVERNMENT using the tab above.

This material is by no means comprehensive.  We are continually updating the site. If you do not find information on a topic, or if you know of information on other web sites that we have not included, please use the CONTACT US button to let us know so that we may consider addressing it. 

The information here is not a substitute for legal advice from an attorney for specific legal problems.  It is intended to provide you background information and to assist you in deciding if you need to consult a lawyer. 

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