Social Security

Understanding Social Security Disability and Supplementary Security Income Benefits

Many disabled Americans are eligible to Social Security Disability and Supplementary Security Income but are not receiving it. Of those who do currently receive benefits, many are afraid to work because they do not want to lose their medical (Medicaid) insurance. The key to receiving benefits is pure resilience. If you are disabled and are unable to work, or are unable to work full time due to a disability, you most likely are illegible for Social Security benefits.

  • To find out if you are illegible and how to receive benefits visit the Social Security .
  • When you apply for benefits, it is normal to have your claim denied a couple of times. Do not give up. Appeal the decision rather than reapplying. If the reason you are turned down relates to a medical concern you will need to fill out an to begin the appeal process.
  • It is not a bad idea hire an attorney once you have been denied Social Security benefits to help you go through the appeals process. The has a number of ways to connect you to a disability attorney.
  • If you are already receiving Social Security benefits and feel that you would like to return to work part time there are programs available to help such as .
  • While receiving Supplementary Security Income it is very easy to jeopardize your benefits by acquiring assets that exceed the maximum allowable. There are programs available for people receiving SSI that allow them to save money for things such as a down payment on a house, start a business, college, or a new car. One of they programs is called .