Washington State Law

The Washington Constitution is the foundational legal document of Washington law.  The legislature enacts statutes pursuant to constitutional authority and subject to the Constitution.  These statutes are codified by the Office of the Code Reviser into the Revised Code of Washington.  Administrative agencies administer the law under rules adopted consistent with the grant of legislative authority and consistent with chapter 34.05 of the Revised Code of Washington.  These rules are codified in the Washington Administrative Code by the Code Reviser.  Notice of the proposed adoption of rules or amendments to rules are published periodically in the the Washington State Register also maintained by the Code Reviser.

Decisions of the appellate court of Washington are the common law of Washington.  These decision may determine the constitutionality of statutes, the legality of agency rules, the meaning of statutes and rules, and the correctness of application of the statutes and regulations in specific cases.  These decisions are an important part of the law of Washington.

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