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What do you know about your constitutional rights, courtroom procedures, lawyers, how government works?  Are the images that come to mind from movies, TV programs, or books that you have read?  You are in good company if that is true.  But, were the portrayals accurate?  What were the civics lessons behind the entertaining stories? The reviews here are a chance to enjoy them again and maybe gain some new insight. And, the legal system is frequently discussed in the news media.  Does the news media accurately represent how the system works?


A Guide to Books on Civil Liberties

Professor Emeritus Samuel Walker of the Univesity of Nebraska Omaha focused his academic research on criminal justice.  Here, Prof. Walker explores 30 different topics touching on civil liberty issues through the lens of literature, reviewing dozens of books along the way.


Film and Television

Hollywood Movies Protraying Lawyers

Check out these great movies portraying lawyers!




















Law and the News Media