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Substantive information: The purpose of the lawforwa website is to provide information about the law, the legal system and government as a free service to the public.  The content on this site is prepared by volunteers authors.  The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information. If you believe information is inaccurate, please bring it to our attention.  Opinions expressed are those of the authors, not of Please be aware that when you click on a lawforwa "resource" link you are leaving our website and visiting one maintained by a different organization. While we have carefully selected the websites we link to, we cannot guarantee that the information contained in them is accurate or complete. Further, the information about the law contained on this site is not a substitute for knowledgeable legal advice. We recommend you consult with an attorney if you are involved in a legal dispute or need to further increase the likelihood of your accurately understanding the law and the legal process as it relates to your situation or concerns.

Linking Policy: The mission of lawforwa is to provide Washington state web users with comprehensive, comprehensible and accurate information about the law and government. We choose topics to be covered based on the information needs of Washingtonians, and we choose resources (website links) according to selection criteria that favor currency, accuracy, impartiality and ease of comprehension. This web site is not a public forum, but we will consider adding new website links as suggested by lawforwa users.

Privacy Policy: Lawforwa does not collect information about  users that can identify who those users are. We do collect information about how users browse the web site (for example, length of session and specific pages visited), but this information cannot be used to identify users. You may decide during your visit to identify yourself as a lawforwa user by sending us an e-mail, completing a survey or otherwise submitting information about yourself. When you do so, such information will be used to complete the transaction you requested. We will not collect and distribute this information to any third party for any other purpose.  Please be aware that when you click on a resource that takes you to a web site maintained by a different organization, the lawforwa privacy policy will no longer apply to your visit to that other web site.

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