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When you need legal help, how do you find a lawyer you feel comfortable with and one you can afford?  Finding a lawyer to contact is not hard.  The yellow pages have extensive listings.  Choosing one may be tougher. Beyond asking friends, how do you learn about specific lawyers practice areas, reputation, style or fees?  Are there lawyers who can help if I cannot afford to pay?  What should you expect from the business relationship with a lawyer?  What if something goes wrong with your lawyer’s representation?  This section should help you answer those questions.

Want to represent yourself?  Or, need to represent yourself because you cannot afford an attorney?   This section also provides accesss to self-help or do-it-yourself resources.  Some commercially available materials are also reviewed to help you decide whether to spend the money or to assist in using them.

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Last Updated: January 24, 2012 - 6:55am

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