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FIND LAW & GOVERNMENT provides access to the law in the form of the constitution, statutes, ordinance, administrative rules and case law.  It also provides access to government agencies and courts at federal, state and local levels.

FIND LEGAL HELP provides guidance in finding and working with lawyers.  It also provides guidance when you must or choose to represent yourself.

ABOUT THE LAW helps you understand what the law means and how the legal system works.  The law is filled with complexity.  The words do not always mean literally what they say or only what they say.  This section attempts to explain the nuance of the law, to put it in context, and to help you understand it.

PLANNING & PREVENTION is intended to help you apply the law to situations encountered in everyday life.  With some understanding of legal issues that routinely come up and of what the law is, you can plan ahead and prevent or better handle those issues.  This section is about your Legal Wellness.

CIVICS IN WASHINGTON is a platform for the promotion of civics.  The Council on Public Legal Education and other groups can utilize this section to promote civics education in the schools and education of the public about individual civic rights and responsibilities.  It contains many great resources about our democracy.

LAW, LIT & FILM provides reviews of movies, television programs, literature and media coverage of the legal system and our political structure.  These reviews are a chance to think about key issues in law and democracy and whether these mediums and the items reviewed accurately portray those concepts.  Hopefully, they enhance our understanding and appreciation of our legal system and democracy.

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