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Can My Dog Get Me Into Trouble?

If your dog bites someone, are you responsible for paying their medical bills? Can you be evicted from your apartment because your dog barks too loudly? Explore lawforwa's resources below to learn about the legal rights and responsibilities of pet owners.

  • What you should know , from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.
  • The federal law regarding , from the Animal Rights Law Project at Rutgers University School of Law.
  • Advice about without going to court, from Nolo.







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In this area of lawforwa you will find resources for preventing common legal problems, and for solving them once they arise. Please choose one of the topics below to see a list of resources or a list of subtopics.

What To Do About Spam: Junk email -- also knows as "spam" -- is overwhelming many internet users to the point where they are afraid to open their inboxes. Learn what the law says about spam, and what you can do to minimize it, on the .

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