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Opportunity: Citizenship in the Global Era National Conference

National Law-Related Education Conference
Citizenship in the Global Era

October 3-5, 2013
Atlanta, GA

The American Bar Association Division for Public Education is hosting this national assembly of teachers, professors, lawyers, judges, and civic education professionals who teach about law and its role in society. It is an opportunity to share law-related content, experiences, best practices, teaching strategies, and curriculum with your colleagues; and join in a nationwide conversation about teaching about the law.
The 2013 National Law-Related Education conference will explore the concept of citizenship, for the United States and around the world, in the global era of the twenty-first century. What is citizenship? What are the rights and responsibilities essential to our notions of citizenship? How is citizenship defined under law and through public policy? Does pluralism support or undermine citizenship? Does “national citizenship” represent the values that bind us together as Americans? What are those values? When and how did we become “America” and “American,” in terms of our sense of national citizenship and civic identity? Who belongs and who has been excluded? What has been the role of immigration in those processes? Of law? How does citizenship differ from country to country? What can we, as Americans, learn comparatively from others around the world? What is the role and status of multiple citizenship in the global era? What makes global or transnational citizenship possible, or desirable? Does a traditional notion of “civics”—as a form of political cohesion and a process of political socialization, acculturation and education—still hold? Must it be directed towards the nation-state? If not, what has, or might, modify or replace it?

The deadline for conference proposals is June 3, 2013. All proposals must be submitted on-line. Required information includes: session title, presenter name(s) and contact information, type of session (Power Point®, group activity, video, group discussion, or panel discussion), target audience (K-12 educators, civic education professionals, legal professionals), audio visual needs, 50-word abstract, if and how your session relates to the conference theme, detailed description of your session, and 3-sentence presenter bios. Download a PDF copy of the electronic form.

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Posted: May 6, 2013 - 2:07pm

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