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The Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
Source: Washington State Bar Association

The Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection is a fund available to clients who have directly suffered a financial loss due to the dishonest conduct of a lawyer. A list of questions and answers about the fund are provided. This explains who can apply for the fund, under what circumstances, and how to file an application.
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Washington State Courts Rules: Rules of Professional Conduct
Source: Washington Courts

The complete contents of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) for lawyers in Washington State. The rules are categorized as follows: Client-Lawyer Relationship, Counselor, Advocate, Transactions With Persons Other Than Clients, Law Firms and Associations, Public Service, Information About Legal Services, Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession.
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Communicating with Your Lawyer
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Advice for clients on how to communicate with their lawyer, especially in writing. Includes sample letters regarding billing questions and client files.
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Consulting a Lawyer
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Practical tips for consumers interested in hiring a lawyer. Includes information on representing yourself in court; selecting a lawyer; client expectations; lawyer expectations; and changing lawyers.
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Consumer's Guide to Legal Help on the Internet
Source: American Bar Association

General information on getting legal help and resolving legal problems. Includes information on hiring a lawyer, free legal help, handling legal matters yourself, legal information sources, and resolving difficulties with your lawyer.
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