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Nuisances, Leash Laws, and Noise Caused by Pets

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What to Do About a Neighbor's Barking Dog
Source: Nolo

Explains what to do about a neighbor's barking dog. Topics covered include: talking to the dog-owner, mediation, finding the local statutes and ordinances that may apply, and contacting animal control or the police.
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Nuisance Issues Involving Pets and Some Steps Towards Resolving Conflicts
Source: Animal Legal Defense Fund

Explains what people should do when neighbors complain about nuisances caused by their pets, including barking dogs.
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Pets: Rights and Responsibilities- But My Dog Is Different
Source: Nolo

Briefly describes the likelihood of being able to defend against a leash law charge.
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Source: Progressive Animal Welfare Society

Provides the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) phone number to call for advice about what you can do if there is a nuisance wild animal in your neighborhood.
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Submitting Complaints About Barking Dogs or Other Noisy Animals
Source: King County

Information offered by King County about how to deal with excessive or continuous noise from a barking dog or other noisy animal/pet. Explains how to communicate or talk with the pet owner about the noise, how to submit a complaint, what happens to the filed complaint, what to do if the noise continues, and how Animal Control will work on the issue.
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