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Personal Injury Protection
Source: Washington State Insurance Commissioner

Explains what personal injury protection (PIP) is. Describes what limits of personal injury protection insurance companies are required to offer to consumers in Washington. Includes information designed to help consumers decide whether they should purchase personal injury protection.
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Company Search
Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Search screen for locating reports about insurance companies. Reports are designed to assist consumers in determining from which companies to purchase insurance. Reports include information about complaints filed against companies, states in which companies write policies and the types of insurance they sell, and financial information.
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Do You Understand Your Auto Insurance Policy?
Source: Washington State Trial Lawyers Association

Explains the types of auto insurance coverage available including liability coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), underinsured motorist coverage (UIM), collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage; the minimum coverage required under Washington law; and the types of coverage insurance companies are required to offer to consumers. Also recommends specific types and amounts of coverage and explains the meaning of "no-fault" insurance. Explains what drivers and vehicles are generally covered under insurance policies. Includes a list of steps drivers should take when involved in an accident to better take advantage of insurance coverage.
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Auto Insurance Information
Source: Insurance Information Institute

Comprehensive information about automobile insurance and claims. Topics covered include: types of insurance coverage available, coverage requirements in different states, insurance requirements for leased cars, coverage of rental cars, cancellation and non-renewal, purchasing insurance, what drivers may need to disclose to companies when purchasing insurance, what drivers can do if they are high risk or having a hard time finding coverage, teenage drivers, umbrella liability policies, filing claims, the effects of claims on premiums, and what drivers can do if they are having trouble settling claims.
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In the Driver's Seat - A Consumer's Guide to Auto Insurance
Source: Washington State Insurance Commissioner

Booklet on automobile insurance coverage in Washington. Topics covered include: what coverage limits mean; Washington's minimum liability coverage requirement; optional types of coverage including underinsured or uninsured motorist (UIM), collision and comprehensive, personal injury protection (PIP), debt and financing protection (GAP); how premiums are determined; how consumers can cut insurance costs; companies that insure high risk drivers; where consumers can find help with insurance questions; and what to do in case of an accident. Also includes ten comprehensive hypothetical rate comparisons.
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