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RCW 26.09- Dissolution of Marriage -- Legal Separation
Source: Washington State Legislature

Links to Washington statutes regarding divorce, legal separation, child support, custody and property division.
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Dissolution (Divorce) without Children
Source: Washington Courts

Instructions on how to fill out the dissolution (divorce) forms for cases without dependent children.
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Community Debt and Bankruptcy Issues
Source: Northwest Women's Law Center

Information about division of debts and divorce and protecting yourself from credit problems.
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Divorce (Dissolution)
Source: Washington Courts

Provides a short explanation of the term dissolution and what happens when a person get a divorce. In Washington State if there are dependent children involved then the court will establish a parenting plan as well as child support. Dissolution forms and instructions are provided as links for those with dependent children and those without.
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Ending Your Marriage in Washington Without Children: The Basics
Source: Northwest Justice Project

General information about the laws that apply when you want to get a divorce in Washington when you do not have children.
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