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Living Together
Source: Nolo

Links to articles about laws important to unmarried couples who are living together. Includes information on property rights of unmarried couples, parenting issues for unmarried couples, living together contracts, legal documents for financial and medical decisions, common law marriage, protecting property interests, prenuptial agreements, and seeking repayment from former partner.
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Gay Parenting Rights
Source: Washington Family Law Reporter

Information and Links about issues facing gay parents.
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Can You Adopt?
Source: Human Rights Campaign

Advice for gays and lesbians who are interested in adopting children. Washington is listed as one of many states that allow such adoptions.
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Lesbian and Gay Couples
Source: Nolo

Links to articles about laws important to lesbian and gay couples. Includes information on some of the key issues affecting same-sex couples, including marriage and domestic partnership laws, moving in together, parenting and property rights.
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Marriage and Living Together
Source: Findlaw

Links to legal information about marriage and living together. Includes links to information on marriage in general, pre-marital agreements, domestic partnerships, joint property -- financial aspects, other agreements, common law marriage, gay and lesbian issues, domestic violence, state specific and jurisdictional resources and international issues.
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