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Animal Welfare (4)
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Endangered Species & Wildlife Preservation (2)
Estate Planning (2)
Landlord/Tenant Issues (3)
Nuisances, Leash Laws, and Noise Caused by Pets (4)
Purchasing and Disputes with Sellers (1)
Travel, Transportation, and Import (1)

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Animal Welfare Act and Regulations
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

This National Agriculture Library website offers information on the Animal Welfare Act, including interpretive summaries, amendments and answers to frequently asked questions. The Animal Welfare Act dictates minimum standards of humane treatment and handling of some animals in research experiments, commercial sales, transportation, and public display.
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When a New Dog Is Sick
Source: Nolo

Explains how to avoid buying a sick pet and what to do if you have already purchased a sick pet. Topics covered include: obtaining disclosures from sellers about the pet, pet "lemon laws" enacted in some states, and alternatives to pet stores and puppy mills.
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Estate Planning for Your Pet

The website includes information about planning for the care of pets after the owner's death. It provides information for pet owners and lawyers, and includes sample language for legal documents. The author is an attorney, Steven Baker.
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How Dog Owners Can Avoid a Lawsuit
Source: Nolo

Describes the types of damages people may have to pay when their pet injures someone else. Lists steps pet-owners can take to avoid liability.
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What to do if your dog is in danger of being declared "vicious," or if your dog has bitten someone who is now suing you
Source: Animal Legal Defense Fund

Materials written by Amy Blaymore Paterson describing what laws allow people to sue for damages caused by someone else's pets, what damages the pet owner might have to pay, and how the pet owner may be able to defend against or resolve the lawsuit.
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