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Protecting fair use rights in the digital world
Source: Digital Consumer is an organization of over 44,000 who are trying to restore the balance between citizens and copyright holders. They advocate a Consumer Technology Bill of Rights to assert a consumer's rights to fair use. This site provides the text to the Consumer Technology Bill of Rights, answers to FAQ's, current news and headlines, and endorsements.
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Interstate Commerce Commission
Source: Pearson Education: infoplease

This encyclopedia definition of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) describes the commission's reason for emergence and its influences on America. It also includes links to further information about the ICC.
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The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887
Source: Civics Online

The text of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887, as originally enacted by the United States government.
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Find It! By Audience -- Employers
Source: U.S Department of Labor

Information for employers from the U.S Department of Labor on the minimum wage, the Fair Labor Standard Act, overtime pay, and other frequently asked questions.
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Employer Responsibilities
Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

A U.S. Department of Labor site on employer responsibilities relating to safety in the workplace. Lists the most important duties of employers from the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.
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