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Signing Documents
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Emphasizes the importance of carefully reviewing and understanding written documents before signing them. Describes some of the common types of contracts consumers are asked to sign. Topics covered include signing documents on behalf of yourself, signing for someone else (for example, co-signing a loan), oral or spoken contracts, payment agreements (for example, promissory notes), real estate purchase agreements, lease and rental agreements, breaking contracts, and steps to take to minimize the risks associated with making contracts.
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Your Cancellation Rights
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Describes a number of the different types of contracts consumers in Washington can cancel. Among the contracts described are door-to-door sales or other sales made away from the seller's usual place of business, retail installment contracts made either in person at a place other than the seller's business or by telemarketing, timeshares, certain loans secured by a residence, business opportunities (purchase or lease of equipment or training in order to start a new business), hearing aids (reasonable cause is required), camping clubs, health clubs, vocational schools, credit repair firms, and telemarketing sales. Also describes how to cancel the contract.
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Contract Basics
Source: Letric Law Library

An article describing the basics of contract law as it applies to business, including the requirements of a valid contract, the use of oral versus written contracts, and remedies for a breach of contract.
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Contract Basics
Source: Martindale-Hubbell:

An article by Sherrie Bennett describing what a contract is, the requirements of a binding contract, different types of contracts, and government restrictions on the right to contract.
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RCW 26.30- Uniform minor student capacity to borrow act
Source: Washington State Legislature

Links to Washington statutes regarding students´┐Ż, who are 16 or older, ability to borrow money.
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