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Automobiles - General Tips
Source: Federal Consumer Information Center, United States General Services Administration

Provides general guidance and links to other websites which provide information on having your vehicle repaired, buying a new or used vehicle, leasing a vehicle, purchasing service contracts, renting a vehicle, and repossession.
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Facts for Consumers- Vehicle Repossession
Source: Federal Trade Commission

Describes several issues regarding automobile repossession, including the creditor or lessor's right to seize and sell the vehicle and sue the consumer for any deficiency, and the consumer's rights and obligations upon seizure and resale. Provides a brief overview of repossessions which might constitute "breaches of the peace," and which may therefore be unlawful. Also describes steps consumers can take to prevent repossession, including working out payment arrangements with the creditor and seeking help from a credit counselor. Indicates that state laws differ regarding many of these issues, so this site should be used as a general resource.
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Auto Repair - Important Terms to Know
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Detailed information about auto repair in Washington. Covered topics include dealing with an auto repair facility, customer rights including legal requirements for estimates and invoices, the shop's right to a possessory lien, how to resolve disputes, and warranties. Includes a concise list of violations of Washington's auto repair law.
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General Buying Tips- After You Buy
Source: Federal Consumer Information Center, United States General Services Administration

Provides general guidance on how to handle a problem with a car purchased from a dealer. Steps discussed include contacting the dealer, contacting the manufacturer, and using alternative dispute resolution techniques. Includes contact information and Web site links for consumer affairs departments of some of the major vehicle manufacturers and several nongovernmental organizations which handle Complaints.
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Federal Lemon Law: Using Your State's Lemon-Law
Source: The Center for Auto Safety

Brief overview of laws which may provide consumers with remedies for defective new vehicles, including state lemon laws, state uniform commercial codes, and the federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Also includes advice on using lemon laws and a link to brief summaries of states' lemon laws.
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