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Emancipation of Minors
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Packet of forms and information for residents of Washington who are 16, but not yet 18, and want to be legally considered an adult.
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Families and Children
Source: US Department of Health and Human Services

A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website that has links to different agencies and organizations that deal with child health care, adoption, immunization, education and other topics.
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Youth & Violence
Source: Humanitarian Resource Institute

This website provides links to various agencies that help to improve the lives of children who are at risk of violence or substance abuse.
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Youth Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet
Source: Washington State Department of Health

A Washington State Department of Health website that has information on youth suicide, including warning signs of contemplating suicide, and what one can do to prevent it.
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RCW 26.28 Age of Majority (formerly infants)
Source: Washington State Legislature

Revised Code of Washington listing of Age of Majority and rights of emancipation.
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