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Landlord/Tenant Law
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Information about the state's Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (RCW 59.18). Also available in Russian and Spanish. Topics covered include Who Is Covered By The Law, Rights of All Tenants, Moving In (Types of Rental Agreements, Illegal Provisions in Rental Agreements, Deposits and Other Fees, Refundable Deposits, Nonrefundable Fees), While You're Living in the Rental Unit (Landlord's Responsibilities, Tenant's Responsibilities, If the Landlord Wants to Make Changes, If the Property is Sold, Landlord's Access to the Rental, If the Rental Needs Repairs, Illegal Actions of a Landlord), Moving Out (Proper Notice to Leave, Return of Deposits, Evictions, Abandonment), and Where to Go With Questions And Complaints.
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HUD Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program Evictions
Source: Northwest Justice Project

This publication briefly describes tenant rights and the steps to take to avoid an eviction from apartments where the landlord has a contract with a local Housing Authority under the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program.
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Innocent Project Northwest
Source: Innocence Project Northwest

Innocence Project Northwest is a nonprofit organization made up of attorneys, students and professors working to free wrongly-convicted persons. Site includes information on types of cases the organization handles and a questionnaire to be used to apply for assistance from the organization.
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Police Practices
Source: American Civil Liberties Union of Washington

Information regarding a person's rights when confronted by the police on the street, in their car or when arrested.
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Family Law
Source: Washington Courts

Explains what types of family law cases people with low income can get free legal assistance for, including paternity and divorce issues. Provides links to free legal assistance programs.
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