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Understanding the Federal Courts -- Jury Service
Source: United States Courts

Explains the two types of juries used in federal cases as well as how the jury selection process works. Also gives a list of qualifications to be a federal juror as well as exemptions from federal jury service.
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Resolving Consumer Disputes
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Describes different venues for resolving Complaints and steps consumers should take in order to enforce their rights. Options covered include small claims court, hiring an attorney, contacting the company involved, settlement, arbitration, and use of third parties such as the Better Business Bureau.
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Alternatives to Court
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Describes the use of mediation and arbitration to resolve legal disputes in Washington. Covers what arbitration and mediation are, how they work, how they are different, and how to find an organization that can mediate or arbitrate. Includes a brief description of Washington's requirement that certain disputes filed in court be arbitrated.
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What to do about a License Suspension Notice from Child Support Enforcement
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Information regarding the Division of Child Support?s ability to suspend a license for non-payment of child support.
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Revised Code of Washington - Title 10
Source: Washington State Legislature

Link to RCW Title 10 regarding Criminal Procedure in Washington.
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