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Child Abuse

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Washington Laws on Abuse of Children -- RCW 26.44
Source: Washington State Legislature

Links to Washington statutes regarding the abuse of children, including laws on legal protections for abused children, reporting duties, the appointment of a guardian ad litem, temporary restraining orders, children taken into custody under court order, alleged perpetrators, and treatment for abusive persons removed from the home.
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Washington Laws on Domestic Violence Prevention -- RCW 26.50
Source: Washington State Legislature

Links to Washington statutes regarding domestic violence prevention including laws regarding actions on behalf of vulnerable adults, petitions for orders of protection, court costs and procedures for protection actions, domestic violence perpetrator programs, titles to real estate and parenting plans.
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Domestic Violence
Source: Washington Courts

Resource containing links related to domestic violence prevention. Includes links to Interactive Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Domestic Violence Forms and Instructions, Foreign Language translations of Domestic Violence Forms and Instructions, the laws pertaining to domestic violence in Washington State, and other self-help resources.
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Understanding Child Neglect-Resources for Reporters and Citizens
Source: Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

General information about child neglect in Washington and how you can prevent it.
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