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Marriage and Living Together
Source: Findlaw

Links to legal information about marriage and living together. Includes links to information on marriage in general, pre-marital agreements, domestic partnerships, joint property -- financial aspects, other agreements, common law marriage, gay and lesbian issues, domestic violence, state specific and jurisdictional resources and international issues.
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Washington Laws on Community Property -- RCW 26.16
Source: Washington State Legislature

Links to Washington statutes regarding community property, the rights and liabilities of a husband and wife, quasi-community property and other issues regarding property division in Washington.
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Credit and Divorce
Source: Federal Trade Commission

The pro's and con's of individual and joint accounts in marriage as well as what happens to such accounts in divorce. Gives advice on what to do when you are contemplating or recently have gotten a divorce.
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Prenuptial Agreements
Source: Washington Family Law Reporter

Information and links about prenuptial agreements, includes link to a sample prenuptial agreement.
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Marriage in Washington State
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Information on marriage in Washington State, including legal requirements and obligations, recordkeeping, name changes, property ownership, wills, pre-marriage contracts, adoption, and services provided by attorneys
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