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Name Change


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Adult Name Change at Marriage and Divorce
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Information regarding name changes when married or when divorced.
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Department of Licensing -- Affidavit of Name Change
Source: Washington State Department of Licensing

Directions on how to change a Certificate of Ownership (title) when the owner's name has changed. Includes links to local licensing offices and a PDF version of the Affidavit of Name Change form.
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If I move or change my name, do I have to notify the Department of Licensing?
Source: Washington State Department of Licensing

A summary of the Washington State Department of Licensing's procedure for changing the name on a driver's license.
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Affidavit of Name Change - Vehicle Title Requirement
Source: Washington State Department of Licensing

Form which accompanies an application for a Certificate of Ownership (title) to change the name currently shown on the computer record and your printed Certificate of Ownership. The current title must be submitted with the Affidavit of Name Change.
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Petition for Name Change - Minor Child
Source: King County District Court

Form used to request a name change for a person's minor child. This form is specific to the King County District Courts. If you live outside King County, please see for information on the Petition for Name Change for your county.
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