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What to do if You Have Problems Connected with Health Care
Source: American Bar Association

General guidance on what people can do if they have problems with the care they receive under health plans. Topics covered include: what to do if the plan refuses to cover treatment; whether people have a claim if the plan does not live up to promises in a brochure; whether people can recover from a plan for a doctor's mistake; and whether people can recover from a plan for negligence. Also includes definitions to several terms which relate to claims against health plans, including respondent superior, apparent authority, and corporate negligence liability.
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Summary of Health Insurance Protections in Washington
Source: Institute for Health Care Research and Policy, Georgetown University

Summary of how state and federal laws protect access to health insurance and health care in Washington. Includes a concise list of some of the most important rights and protections of Washington residents, and a separate list of limits on rights and protections.
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