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Law Week
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Information on the Law Week program, in which hundreds of lawyers and judges visit classrooms in Washington State during the week of May 1st (Law Day). Includes information on how to participate and classroom materials such as lesson plans and handouts.
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Judges in the Classroom Lesson Plan -- Supreme Justice Video Lessons -- General Information
Source: Washington Courts

These lesson plans accompany the Supreme Justice video, which describes the workings of the Washington State Supreme Court by following a case from initial appeal to the filing of a decision. A link is included to an order form for the video. Elementary School lesson plans are on the topics What Is A Court? and Making An Appeal. Middle School lesson plans are on the topics The Courts: Interpreting the Law Re Weapons and The Courts: Interpreting the Law Re Safe Employment. High School lesson plans are on the topics Claim Your Jurisdiction Game: Getting Ready for Moot Court and Courts: Interpreting the Law on Safe Employment.
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Judges in the Classroom
Source: Washington Courts

General information about the Washington Courts' Judges in the Classroom program, in which judges visit K-12 classrooms to teach law related education (LRE). Also includes an explanation of LRE and its benefits for students, and information on how teachers can participate in the Judges in the Classroom program.
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Teen Consumer Scrapbook
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

A consumer information resource for teens broken down into the six subtopics of Transportation, Rights and Responsibilities, On Your Own, Privacy Issues, Health/Safety, Buying Goods and Services, and Finances. Each category includes information related to teens' legal and consumer needs. Designed by high school students to educate their peers.
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Legal Booklet for High School Students
Source: Washington State Bar Association

A description of the legal booklet "On Your Own: Your Legal Rights," which provides high school students with practical legal advice. Upon request, the Washington State Bar Association will provide a free copy of the booklet to lawyers, judges, and high school teachers participating in Law Week. Extra copies for students may be ordered for $1.00 per copy or downloaded for free.
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