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Probate and Trust Law -- RCW title 11
Source: Washington State Legislature

Links to Washington laws regarding probate and trusts. Includes links to laws on descent and distribution, simultaneous death, nonprobate assets on dissolution or invalidation of marriage, escheats, abatement of assets, wills, claims against the state, inheritance rights of slayers, guardianship, power of attorney, powers of appointment, trusts, trust funds, and charitable trusts.
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Source: Washington State Bar Association

Explains what a trust, trustee and trustor are. Describes the different types of trusts and how to create one. Discusses the role of testamentary trusts, revocable living trusts, and irrevocable living trusts. Also provides information about the location of a trust and the duties of a trustee. A brief overview of insurance trusts, charitable trusts and charitable remainder trusts are provided, as well as tips about the longevity of a trust, taxes, and fees and costs.
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Revocable Living Trusts
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Defines revocable living trusts and explains how to establish this type of trust. Tips for selecting a trustee are given. Discusses how to avoid probate and the importance of guardianship and durable power of attorney. Briefly describes the fees and costs associated with revocable living trusts. Lists the advantages and disadvantages of having a revocable living trust.
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