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Resolving Consumer Disputes
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Describes different venues for resolving Complaints and steps consumers should take in order to enforce their rights. Options covered include small claims court, hiring an attorney, contacting the company involved, settlement, arbitration, and use of third parties such as the Better Business Bureau.
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What to do about a License Suspension Notice from Child Support Enforcement
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Information regarding the Division of Child Support?s ability to suspend a license for non-payment of child support.
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Consulting a Lawyer
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Practical tips for consumers interested in hiring a lawyer. Includes information on representing yourself in court; selecting a lawyer; client expectations; lawyer expectations; and changing lawyers.
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HUD Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program Evictions
Source: Northwest Justice Project

This publication briefly describes tenant rights and the steps to take to avoid an eviction from apartments where the landlord has a contract with a local Housing Authority under the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program.
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Communicating with Your Lawyer
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Advice for clients on how to communicate with their lawyer, especially in writing. Includes sample letters regarding billing questions and client files.
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Accused of a Crime?
Source: World Law Direct

This article by Frederick Dirkson describes what to do if you are accused of a crime. It includes basic advice, how to find and work with an attorney, and how to work with the system.
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Public Housing Evictions
Source: Northwest Justice Project

A brief explanation of what public housing tenants should do when the Housing Authority tries to evict them from public housing. Public housing tenants have greater protection against evictions than other tenants. If evicted, public housing tenants lose their federal housing subsidy (which is often worth hundreds of dollars per month).
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