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Historic Speeches, Debates and Hearings


Gettysburg Address (1)
Iran-Contra Affair (2)
John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Speech (2)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (2)
McCarthy Hearings (1)
Richard Nixon's "Checkers" Speech (1)
Watergate Hearings (2)

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Checkers Speech
Source: PBS

This site contains an exact transcript of President Nixon's famous Checkers Speech.
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McCarthy, Joseph Raymond

This site contains a brief biography of Joseph McCarthy and gives a synopsis of his political career.
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The Gettysburg Address
Source: Library of Congress

This site contains the text of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and its translation into 29 different languages. Also included are different drafts of the Gettysburg Address and the only existing photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg.
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Watergate Affair

This site contains a complete summary of the Watergate Break-in, The Investigations, Nixon's Resignation and the Aftermath.
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The Presidents: John F. Kennedy
Source: PBS

This site contains an analysis of the legacy that Kennedy and his speeches left.
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