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An Introduction to Washington Small Claims Court
Source: Washington Courts

An Overview of Washington's Small Claims Court. Topics covered include who can sue and be sued in Small Claims Court, how to file a claim, how to prepare and participate in a small claims trial, how to collect money awarded in Small Claims Court, and how to appeal a small claims decision. Includes links to Washington state laws and court rules for Small Claims Court.
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Consumer Jungle
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Consumer Jungle is a new web-based program that helps turn high school students into savvy consumers without putting them to sleep. Includes separate "camps" for students, teachers and parents, with games, projects, activities and classroom materials.
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Source: National Consumers League

LifeSmarts is a classroom or group activity that teaches teens to be responsible consumers and citizens by focusing on Personal Finance, Health and Safety, Environment, Technology and Consumer Rights and Responsibilities. Teams may participate in a national competition.
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Safety Net: -- A guide for safely surfing the net
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

Information about threats and risks posed by the Internet, including hate messages, kiddie porn and identity theft. Divided into four areas: Consumers and the Internet, Kids and the Internet, Upholding the Law in Cyberspace and Partners.
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Teen Consumer Scrapbook
Source: Washington State Office of the Attorney General

A consumer information resource for teens broken down into the six subtopics of Transportation, Rights and Responsibilities, On Your Own, Privacy Issues, Health/Safety, Buying Goods and Services, and Finances. Each category includes information related to teens' legal and consumer needs. Designed by high school students to educate their peers.
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