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Constitution Day
Source: Constitutional Rights Foundation

The Constitutional Rights Foundation offers free online resources to help educators satisfy the new federal law regarding Constitution Day. The resources include "Foundations of Our Constitution," which includes readings, activities, and historical documents, and the "Bill of Rights in Action Archives," which includes lessons on U.S. history, world history, and government from Bill of Rights in Action, CRF's quarterly curricular newsletter.
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Constitution Day
Source: Center for Civic Education

Lesson plans to be used in grades K-12 to satisfy the new federal law that requires educational institutions receiving federal funding present a program pertaining to the U. S. Constitution near the date of September 17th. Offered by the Center for Civic Education, in collaboration with the American Association of School Administrators.
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Constitution Day
Source: National Constitution Center

A collection of educational materials for use on Constitution Day, September 17th, at which time schools and federal agencies are required to hold educational programs on the U.S. Constitution. Materials include lesson plans for school use, handouts for federal employees (which could be used for the general public), and resources for individuals and parents.
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Constitution Day Implementation Guide
Source: NASPA (Student Affairs Administrator in Higher Education)

Ideas on how colleges and universities can offer educational programs for their students to satisfy the new federal law requiring entities that receive federal funding commemorate Constitution Day.
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Constitution Resources
Source: FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)

Tools for learning about the U.S. Constitution. Includes information about who drafted the Constitution and how, a timeline showing the impact of the Constitution, and explanations of 300 Constitution-related topics.
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