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Bad Lawyers in the Movies
Source: University of Texas at Austin, Tarlton Law School

An article by a law professor on the negative portrayal of lawyers in movies. The article discussed how the perception of lawyers has changed over the years, and questions wether or not this popular perception followed or led public opinion.
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Erin Brockovich (Anderson v. Pacific Gas & Electric)

Erin Brockovich's case (Anderson v. PG&E) told in a story form by lawyer Carole Bos. It describes the background and outcome of the case, which involved chrome 6 contamination in Hinkley California, and includes excerpts of transcripts, trial briefs, PG&E statements issued before and during the trial, and other documents.
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Does Pop Culture Libel Law and Lawyers?
Source: Picturing Justice: The On-Line Journal of Law and Popular Culture

This essayby Lisa Trach discusses how lawyers and the justice system appear in popular culture such as TV shows and movies. She argues that popular culture almost always paints a negative picture of either lawyers or the justice system. Several examples are used such as the TV shows "Law and Order" and "Matlock", as well as movies such as "Liar Liar".
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