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Ted Kaczynski/Unabomber
Source: by Farlex

Information about Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, including his biography, manifesto, bombings, and apprehension and trial.
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The Menendez Brothers
Source: Court TV

Profiles the Menendez Brothers murder trial. Includes a detailed trial timeline and key documents relating to the case.
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Exploring Amistad
Source: Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea

Information on the Amistad case, including the Atlantic and Cuban slave trades, the revolt on the Amistad, the subsequent Amistad trials occuring in 1839 through 1841, the people involved in the Amistad case, and the case's place in history. Includes a timeline of legal proceedings.
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Lead Paint

Current information about lead paint lawsuits written from the perspective of defendants involved in the litigation. The site argues against the merit of cases brought about lead paint. Includes a state-by-state breakdown of litigation, summaries of key cases, descriptions of legal issues, and descriptions of some of the federal, state and non-profit programs addressing lead paint.
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The Salem Witch Trials

This site, originally created by Tim Sutter, includes an essay on the Salem witch trials, which describes the politics and other circumstances that might have caused the witch trials, the trials themselves, and their aftermath. Also includes links to trial transcripts, lists of accused and afflicted persons, and a timeline.
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