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Source: Nolo

Links to articles about Marriage. Includes information on marriage requirements. Includes articles about premarital agreements, common law marriage, marrying someone in debt, and protecting separate property before and during marriage.
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Adult Name Change at Marriage and Divorce
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Information regarding name changes when married or when divorced.
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RCW 26.44-Abuse of Children
Source: Washington State Legislature

Links to Washington statutes regarding the abuse of children, including laws on legal protections for abused children, reporting duties, the appointment of a guardian ad litem, temporary restraining orders, children taken into custody under court order, alleged perpetrators, and treatment for abusive persons removed from the home.
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Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Includes information about ending a marriage, annulment and separation. Covers the following topics: Residency Requirements, Legal Procedures, Waiting Period, Name Change, Parenting Plan, Child Support, Spousal Support, Division of Property, Division of Bills and Debts, Court Orders, Tax Consequences, Service of an Attorney, and Costs and Payments.
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Divorce and Parenting
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Explains the Parenting Act of Washington State and the application of the Parenting Act. Discusses the revisions to Child Custody laws. Lists ways to provide for the children´┐Żs needs as well as how to establish a parenting plan. Offers information about changing and updating the plan and the limits for enforcement of a temporary parenting plan.
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