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Disability Law


Americans with Disabilities Act (53)
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Section 705: Definitions
Source: Cornell Law School/The Legal Information Institute

Definition section of the Rehabilitation Act, which defines major terms used in the act.
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Albertsons, Inc. v. Kirkingburg
Source: Findlaw

US Supreme Court opinion discussing whether a truck driver with monocular vision is disabled when he does not meet Department of Transportation requirements, but the Department of Transportation has granted the driver a waiver.
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Murphy v. United Parcel Service
Source: Findlaw

US Supreme Court opinion discussing whether a mechanic is disabled when his blood pressure exceeds Department of Transportation limits, when untreated, and the Department of Transportation has erroneously granted the mechanic a license to work.
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Appellate Court Rulings in Disability Cases
Source: Law Offices of David H. Greenberg

Listing of some of the major case law decisions on the subject with brief summaries of their holdings.
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What you Should Know About Workplace Laws
Source: United States Department of Labor

Informational page listing the various workplace laws and suggestions on how to accommodate each.
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