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RCW 43.43.753 Findings -- DNA identification system -- DNA data base -- DNA data bank
Source: Washington State Legislature

One of Washington's laws about DNA data bases. This law describes the state's position on the use of DNA technology and DNA data bases in criminal investigations. This law authorizes Washington to establish a DNA data base and DNA data bank containing DNA samples of people convicted of felonies and DNA samples for the identification of missing persons and unidentified human remains. The law also specifies that the information and samples held in the data bank can only be used for purposes related to criminal investigation, the identification of human remains or missing persons, or to help improve the operation of the DNA identification system.
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Complaints about Institutions
Source: United States Department of Justice

Information on how to file a complaint with the Special Litigation Section of the US DOJ against an institution
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Stop Prisoner Rape
Source: Stop Prisoner Rape

Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR) is a non-profit human rights organization that seeks to end sexual violence against men, women, and youth in all forms of detention. Founded by survivors of prisoner rape over twenty years ago, SPR has worked to shed light on the dangers of sexual abuse in prison and helped survivors to access resources and connect with one another.
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Prisons: Ending the Abusive Treatment of Prisoners
Source: Human Rights Watch

Information on prison conditions, prison abuses, and human rights protections for prisoners
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Voting Rights Restoration Process
Source: National Conference of State Legislatures

Information on how to restore voting rights after incarceration. Includes Washington State.
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