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Disability Law


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Know Your Rights: Public Accommodations
Source: Washington State Human Rights Commission

Adobe file outlining your rights for public accommodations and other processes of the Human Rights Commission
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Affirmative Action and People with Disabilities
Source: United States Department of Labor

Overview on how affirmative action relates to people with disabilities. This site contains information on how affirmative action benefits people with disabilities in the workforce. Listed are reasons why people with disabilities should be included in affirmative action programs; the components of a successful affirmative action plan to recruit, employ and advance people with disabilities; and where you can find additional information.
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ADA Home page
Source: United States Department of Justice

Information about the Americans with Disabilities Act. Includes information about employment, public transportation, and more.
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Americans with Disabilities Act - Questions and Answers
Source: Findlaw

Questions and answers about Title I of the Americans with disabilities Act. Includes information about disabilities, reasonable accommodations, and other employment rights.
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The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles I and V
Source: United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

United States statute that prohibits employers from discriminating against disabled employees. The ADA also covers public services and accommodations (not covered here).
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