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Guidelines for Domestic Violence Protection and Anti-harassment Orders
Source: Washington Courts

Basic guidelines for domestic violence protection and anti-harassment orders. Includes guidelines for civil protection orders, oral instructions to accompany the entry of protection orders, criminal no-contact orders, anti-harassment orders, minors as parties in DV or anti-harassment cases, perpetrator treatment, modification or termination requests, and foreign protection orders.
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Domestic Violence Programs in Washington State
Source: Washington State Coalition against Domestic Violence

List containing contact information for domestic violence service providers in Washington State organized by county.
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Domestic Violence Protection Order Process
Source: Washington Courts

Information explaining the domestic violence protection order process. Includes information on the types of protection order available, how to obtain a protection order, the jurisdiction of the courts, the service of protection orders, commonly asked questions and forms and instructions related to protection orders.
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Domestic Violence: Questions and Answers for Immigrant and Refugee Women
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Questions and answers regarding the options and rights of immigrant and refugee women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.
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Petition for Name Change - Minor Child
Source: King County District Court

Form used to request a name change for a person's minor child. This form is specific to the King County District Courts. If you live outside King County, please see for information on the Petition for Name Change for your county.
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