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Revised Code of Washington - Title 46.55
Source: Washington State Legislature

Link to RCW Title 45.55 regarding impoundment of motor vehicles.
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Revised Code of Washington - Title 43.43
Source: Washington State Legislature

Link to RCW Title 43.43 regarding Washington State Patrol.
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Washington's Parole System Summarized
Source: Washington State Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board (ISRB)

Introduction of Washington's Parole system, indeterminate sentences, the Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board (ISRB), Parole, Two Systems (Indeterminate and Determinate sentencing), Victim/Survivor Considerations, Special Categories, Rape Typologies, Murder and Assault Typologies, Inmate Programming, Risk Assessment Instruments, and Psychological Aids.
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Determinate Plus Sentencing (ESSB 6151)
Source: Washington State Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board (ISRB)

Information on Determinate Plus sentencing for sex offenders that went into effect September 1, 2001. Certain sex offenders are to be sentenced to the maximum by the court and to a minimum term within the Sentencing Reform Act (SRA) range.
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Defendants' Incentives for Accepting Plea Bargains

This website describes some of the reasons why defendants enter into plea bargains.
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