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Students and Parents Know Your Rights in Disciplinary Proceedings -- Spanish Version
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Information in Spanish on the rights of students and parents in disciplinary proceedings. Topics include: Short-term suspension (10 days or less); Expulsion or long-term suspension (more than 10 days); Rights of students and parents; Emergency Discipline; Suspension for Unexcused; Absences; and Readmission and alternative education.
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The Rights of Public School Students in Washington State
Source: American Civil Liberties Union of Washington

A guide for students that provides a summary "...of the current laws which govern a student's life in Washington's public primary and secondary schools [and a description of] what can happen if a public school student violates school rules and regulations and what a student can do who believes his or her rights have been violated." Topics include: Guidelines for handling your own problems: being your own advocate; compulsory attendance; freedom of speech; the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures; student records; the right to a free public education; discipline; religious issues; and police in public schools.
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