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Parenting Plans (court orders about child custody)
Source: Northwest Justice Project

General information about parenting plans, court orders regarding child custody.
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Divorce and Parenting
Source: Washington State Bar Association

Explains the Parenting Act of Washington State and the application of the Parenting Act. Discusses the revisions to Child Custody laws. Lists ways to provide for the children´┐Żs needs as well as how to establish a parenting plan. Offers information about changing and updating the plan and the limits for enforcement of a temporary parenting plan.
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Fiscal Fitness: Choosing a Credit Counselor
Source: Federal Trade Commission

This page answers questions about what a debt repayment plan is and what the difference is between unsecured credit and secured credit in such a plan. Then, it goes on to give advice on what to ask about when you are looking for a debt repayment plan using a credit counseling service.
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Your Protections Under Group Health Plans
Source: Institute for Health Care Research and Policy, Georgetown University

Describes how state and federal laws protect access to group health insurance in Washington. Explains when people must be permitted to enroll in a group health plan; the extent to which group health plans can exclude, limit, or impose waiting periods for preexisting conditions; and limits to protections for certain government workers. Also describes how rights and protections may differ for "self-insured" group plans.
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Guide to the Permit Process
Source: Yakima County

A guide that provides general information to homeowners in the planning and construction of projects on their own residential property. Covers the applicable codes and ordinances, plan preparation, plan submittal, permit issuance, and inspection.
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