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Guide to Small Claims Court
Source: The Tenants Union, Washington State

A guide on how to use the Small Claims Courts. Potential claims include unpaid rent or the return of a deposit.
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How to Use Small Claims Court to Recover Wages
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Comprehensive description of the use of the Small Claims Court to resolve disputes. Topics covered include: what kinds of claims can be heard in Small Claims Court; how to resolve disputes before going to court; the right to an interpreter; where to file a claim; whether a party out of state may be sued; how to file a claim and notify the other party of the claim; what to do when served with a Notice of Small Claims by another party; how to prepare for and participate in a trial; what happens if one party does not show up at the trial; how to collect money awarded by the Small Claims Court; whether and how a judgment in Small Claims Court can be appealed; and how to get more information and advice about Small Claims Court. Includes a sample demand letter people can use to try to resolve a dispute directly with the other party and links to statutes and a few forms that may be helpful to people involved in small claims. Information is available in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Laotian.
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