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Buying a Car
Source: Washington State Department of Licensing

Answers common questions relating to the purchase and sale of vehicles in Washington. Topics covered include seller's report of sale, the contract, potential problems with unlicensed dealers (called "curbstoners"), the requirement that out of state vehicles have a VIN (vehicle identification number) inspection, who is responsible for transferring title in dealer and private party sales, and how to transfer title in private party sales. Describes penalties which may be assessed against purchasers who fail to transfer the title within the required time period. Information is available in Spanish.
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Vehicle/Vessel Online Services Website
Source: Washington State Department of Licensing

This is the Washington State Department of Licensing's Vehicle/Vessel Online Services Website. From this site you can renew your vehicle or boat registration, change an address for a vehicle registration, and report your vehicle sold. In addition, links with further information and frequently asked questions are available under each category of action.
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