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HUD Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program Evictions
Source: Northwest Justice Project

This publication briefly describes tenant rights and the steps to take to avoid an eviction from apartments where the landlord has a contract with a local Housing Authority under the Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program.
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Eviction and Your Defense
Source: Northwest Justice Project

An overview of the legal terms and procedures related to eviction. Answers commonly asked questions about the eviction process.
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Tenants' Rights
Source: Northwest Justice Project

Provides information on the "rights and responsibilities of residential tenants in the State of Washington." The focus of this information is Washington State's Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. Topics include: Coverage of the Act, Landlord's Responsibilities, Tenant's Responsibilities, Discrimination, Types of Residential Tenancies, Deposits and Fees, Repairs, Tenant's Right to Privacy/Landlord's Right of Access, Retaliation, Termination of Rental Agreements, Eviction/Unlawful Detainer, Abandonment, Interpreters, and Settling of Disputes/Sources of Legal Help.
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