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RCW 64.06.030 Delivery of disclosure statement -- Buyer's options -- Time frame
Source: Washington State Legislature

In Washington the seller has a set amount of time to inform the buyer of any potential problems with the property.
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Credit Repair: Self-Help May be Best
Source: Federal Trade Commission

Shows how credit repair proposals for money are scams. Also, if you do decide to try one, what you should watch out for. If you have already tried one of these scams, what you can do about it.
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Social Security Disability Benefits
Source: Social Security Administration

A booklet that tells you who may get disability benefits, how to apply and what you need to know once benefits start.
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Consumer Focus: How to File a Consumer Complaint
Source: Federal Consumer Information Center, United States General Services Administration

Describes steps consumers should take to complain about a business, who to contact at the business and how to find them, what to say in the complaint letter, and who can help resolve the problem.
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Pooled Charitable Trusts
Source: Nolo

General information regarding Pooled Charitable Trusts. These trusts allow those with smaller incomes to get the tax benefits of contributing to a charitable trust.
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