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Miranda v. Arizona

This site contains a summary of the events leading up to Miranda v. Arizona and how it affected the accused's 14th amendment rights.
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Miranda v. Arizona
Source: Cornell Law School/The Legal Information Institute

This site contains the complete text of the Supreme Court's decision in Miranda v. Arizona.
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Miranda Rights and the Fifth Amendment
Source: Findlaw

Information on Miranda warnings which are meant to protect a person's Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination. Note: findlaw will ask you to enter your zip code before presenting the information.
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Police Practices - You and the Police
Source: American Civil Liberties Union of Washington

Information regarding a person's rights when confronted by the police. Discusses stops, probable cause, arrests, bookings and arraignments.
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Criminal Law
Source: Washington State Bar Association

General information on common criminal law. Provides a brief overview of a person's rights when stopped by the police, when charged with a crime, or when required to appear in court. Also includes information on police searches.
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